The big data has become a key element in this industrial era. Solving the problem of data circulation and sharing is the only way to promote the effective and healthy development of the big data industry. Transportation, housing, education, medical care, home economics, finance and other service industries that are closely related to people's lives, the "digital dividend” only released based on date interconnection and interfering in this big data industrial era. Data can only create value in circulation, sharing, and application, then achieve quality, efficiency, and dynamic change.

Manufacturing Industry: using industrial big data to improve production levels, including product fault diagnosis and prediction, analysis of process flow, improvement of production processes, optimization of production consumption etc.

Financial industry: big data plays a major role in the financial innovation areas of high-frequency trading, social sentiment analysis and credit risk analysis.
Automotive industry: driverless cars that use big data and IoT technology will enter our daily lives in the near future.

Internet industry: with the help of big data technology to analyze customers’ behavior for better product recommendation and targeted advertising.

Catering industry: using big data to achieve catering O2O and completely changing the traditional catering operation mode

Telecommunications industry: using big data technology offer customer off-grid analysis, introduce with customer retention measures

Energy industry: with the development of smart grids, power companies could obtain large amount of users’ information and use big data technology to analyze user power consumption mode, which can improve grid operation, rationally design power demand response system, and ensure grid operation safety.

Logistics industry: using big data to optimize logistics network, such as improve efficiency and reduce costs

Urban management: use big data to achieve intelligent transportation, environmental monitoring, urban planning and intelligent security.

Biomedicine: big data can help us achieve epidemiological prediction, smart health care, health management, and also help us interpret DNA and learn more about mysteries of life.

Sports and entertainment: big data train the team, decide which kind of film and television works to shoot, and predict the results of the game.

Security system: the government can use big data technology to build a strong national security system. Enterprises can use big data to defend against cyber-attacks. Police can use big data to prevent crime.

Personal life: big data can also be applied to personal life, using the "personal big data" associated with each person, to analyze personal life behavior habits, to provide more thoughtful personalized services.

The value of big data is far more than that, with penetration of big data into all walks of life which has greatly promoted social production. Our company committed to big data research and advancement and possess rich processing system solution experience, warner telecom adopts a data-based operation strategy, with every decision made as correct as possible. At the same time, we provide personalized services with updated system to enhance user experience. we will continuously offer state-of-the-art & cost-effective products and solutions to our esteemed customers globally.
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