With the rapid development of global information technology, urban subways are becoming more and more digital and intelligent. The construction of the subway integrated wiring system as an information infrastructure is also essential. The integrated wiring system of the subway belongs to the communication transmission system.
The transmission is the most important subsystem in the communication system. Its function is to provide the control center to the station (vehicle section/parking lot) and the station to the station (vehicle section/parking lot) for each subsystem of the communication system and other electromechanical systems. This information transmission platform has high requirements for safety and reliability. The transmission system should be able to transmit various information between the operation center and each station, the signal section of the depot, the comprehensive maintenance building, the parking lot, and the substation. In addition to provide the required business interfaces, such as audio 2 / 4 line, E1, RS422, 10/100/1000M Ethernet interface. Each node of the communication network able to provide a point-to-point straight-through, point-to-multipoint shared and other channel type.
The transmission system forms a loop network through fiber optic cables laid in the tunnels on both sides. When the transmission equipment in the loop fails or the cable disconnected, the transmission loop will automatically leave the faulty equipment and form a new loop to continue working, then issue a fault alarm message.

Our company provides the following services for the subway project: to establish a set of advanced and complete communication network cabling systems, including access and wiring for data, voice, image, control and other application systems. The inter-network interconnection solution not only needs to meet the current use of Shanghai subway, but also needs to consider the future development of the network, so that the system can achieve flexible configuration, easy management, easy maintenance, and easy expansion.

Based on the above characteristics of the subway integrated wiring system, we offer professional and complete solutions for fiber-optic and copper cable shielding and wiring systems.
1. Practicality
Fully meet the various needs of the Shanghai subway for the information system and provide strong support for the network application system.
2. Standard selection
All designs carried out in accordance with international standards to meet the openness requirements of the system.
3. High reliability
A practical system must also be reliable at the same time. The design optimized by reasonable and advanced system to ensure the reliability and fault toleranceto avoid catastrophic accidents.
4. High performance
The integrated wiring system fully utilize the existing mature advanced technology to meet the needs of broadband network, voice, data, multimedia information transmission, VOD video, computer management, office automation and so on.
5. Maintainability
Since the maintenance will be a long-term work. Our design fully consider the needs of the maintenance work to reduce the workload and difficulty through the corresponding technology, so as to ensure the reliable operation and cost saving.
6. Scalability and flexibility
In the design, we fully consider the requirements of system expansion and upgrade, as well as support for networks and devices with different structures and different protocols to ensure system adapt to network expansion and upgrade.
7. Economic
Under the premise of meeting the functional requirements, let’s customer get the best possible application with the smallest investment possible.

W-TEL cable system have passed "CRCC certification" with all performance indicators reached or exceeded the railway industry standards. We have participated in many key domestic and international railway projects. We exported to Japan, South Korea, Brazil, India and other overseas markets. Warner Telecom will continue to bring good products and excellent services to our customers globally.
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