W-TEL-OIT-Series Combo cooling system
W-TEL-OIT-Series Combo cooling system
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For telecom projects and network solution

W-TEL Integrated cooling units have combined AC air conditioners and DC heat ex-changers. With the change of indoor/outdoor temperature and humidity, they can switch working modes intelligently to realize the best operation and energy-saving efficiency. Meanwhile, the air conditioner and the heat ex-changer offer backup for each other, which can improve the reliability of the equipment.
W-TEL integrated cooling unit has combined the air conditioner compressor cooling system and heat ex-changer. When the outdoor temperature is low, the heat ex-changer operates. When the outdoor temperature is high, the air conditioner operates. With its reasonable air path design and energy-saving control calculation, the control accuracy and energy-saving reliability of cabinet are greatly improved.
W-TEL integrated cooling unit is mainly applied in broadband access network outdoor telecom cabinets, wireless access outdoor cabinets, Mini-shelter cabinets, etc.

·Reliable: Air conditioner and thermostatic system as backup heat dissipation function
·Energy saving: Different cooling mode for varied ambient, reducing the energy consumption
·Low noise: The noise level of unit can be reduced according to the heat load, silently operating in most time
·Corrosion protection: Powder coated sheet metal endures harsh environment
·Easy maintenance: IP55 designed for flushing „DC power fan & control system, AC
compressor 50 / 60Hz general, applicable to global power
·User friendly interface: LCD display with English menu makes convenient operation
·Environment friendly: Using R134a refrigerant and RoHS requirement compliance
·Dedicated design: Delay Start setting for big current, especially when multiple units start at one site
·Monitoring: Provide comprehensive alarm and status report through RS485 interface for remote control

Model Capacity H*W*D(MM) KG IP Temperature Installation Noise
W-1-60 1KW(AC)+60W/K(HX) 1001*561*200 40 55 -40 to +55 Door/roof mount 60
W-1.5-80 1.5KW(AC)+80W/K(HX) 1001*561*200 42 55 -40 to +55 Door/roof mount 60
W-2-120 2KW(AC)+120/K(HX) 1002*562*205 55 55 -40 to +55 Door/roof mount 61
W-3-180 3KW(AC)+180W/K(HX) 1350*655*220 65 55 -40 to +55 Door/roof mount 62

(Parameter may changed without notification)

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