Premises Distributed System (PDS for short) is a kind of integrated transmission System, it uses a standardized voice, data, image, monitoring equipment, integrated on a set of standard wiring system, with unified wiring design, installation and the maintenance management, which provides advanced and reliable wiring solution for building and parks, it is the foundation of communication, computer network and intelligent building.

At present, network wiring based on using optical fiber cabling and Cat5 mixed twisted-pair wiring. Warner telecom wiring adopts the latest international communication standard, all information channels using according to standard (ISDN) eight core twisted-pair configuration. The Cat5 maximum rate could reach 155 MBPS data, the Cat6 up to 200 MHZ bandwidth. The particular user requirements can be spread their Fiber to the desktop (Fiber to the Desk). The main cable can be designed for 500M bandwidth with enough allowance for future development. Comparing with traditional network cabling wiring we have a lot advantages, the traditional wiring transformation takes time and affect the daily work. But we do it as economy and time saving. Network cabling better solved many problems of the traditional wiring method, with the rapid development of science and technology, people become more and more urgent to the requirement of information resources sharing, especially the phone business of communication network gradually transit to the integrated services digital network (ISDN) Therefore, smart integrated wiring instead of the traditional single, expensive and complex wiring, is the requirement of the "information age", is the inevitable trend of historical development.

The advantages of network integrated wiring we offer:
1.Practicality: The wiring system able to adapt to the development of modern and future communication technology, and realize the unification of the voice, data communications and other signal transmission.
2. Flexibility: wiring system can meet the requirements of various applications, which can connect to any information of different types of terminal equipment, such as telephone, computer, printer, computer, fax machines, various sensors and image monitoring equipment.
3. Modularity: Besides integrated wiring system fixed on the level of the building, the rest of the connectors are the basic type of standard parts, can be interconnected with all voice, data, image, network, and building automation equipment, convenient to use, move, change, expansion and management.
4. Extensibility: integrated wiring system is extensible, so as to more useful in the future, it is easy to expand the new equipment.
5. Economy: the integrated wiring system need less management personnel, at the same time, greatly reduces the work difficulty for change or removal system in the future because of the modular structure.
6. Versatility: Conform to the international communication standard and adapt to a variety of computer and network technology, as well as adapt to different transmission speed of communication, support and accommodate a variety of computer network operation.

For the enterprises and institutions, factories and other new replacement office, workshop, machine room, Warner telecom provide network integrated wiring services such as:
1. Network cabling: network planning, network design, wiring scheme design, network cabling construction, etc.
2. Network integrated wiring: material selection, network bandwidth, network plan etc.
3. The broadband network integrated wiring: LAN, wireless network coverage, broadband network improvement.

W-TEL network integrated wiring service process:
1. Understand customer demand for the network environment, bandwidth usage, on site investigation research, collect related information (including drawings of buildings, decoration drawings, and other engineering data etc.).
2. According to the needs of customers and fully considering the economic condition, application requirements, flexibility, reliability, to design the network integrated wiring scheme.
3. Carry out construction in accordance with the network integrated wiring solution.
testing various information point onsite.
4. Customer acceptance, complete network integrated wiring project.
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