The Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) is the development direction for the future transportation. This intelligent traffic management system is a real-time, accurate and efficient integrated transportation management system that works in a wide range and in all directions with advanced information technology, data communication transmission technology, electronic sensing technology, control technology and computer technology.

The target:
1) Reducing traffic accidents, blockages and traffic chaos caused by illegal activities.
2) Improve the consciousness of the drivers and enhance safety awareness;
3) Provide clues and evidence for illegal activities such as traffic accidents and car-related cases.

Bring the system's performance into a higher level:
1) Higher vehicle and illegal capture rate;
2) Higher license plate recognition rate and evidence collection efficiency;
3) Better environmental adaptability;
4) More complete data storage and read performance;
5) More convenient project implementation and maintenance;
6) More simple system upgrades and expansions.

System design:
The high-definition video electronic police system consists of three parts: the front-end subsystem, the network transmission subsystem and the back-end management subsystem. It realizes the automatic capture, recording and transmission of traffic violations as well as port terminal function, which can record the traffic information in real time.

1. The front-end subsystem
Responsible for the collection, analysis, processing, storage and upload of front-end data, mainly composed of integrated electric police capture camera, LED unit, signal light detection unit, terminal server and other related components.

2. Network transmission subsystem
Responsible for the transmission and exchange of data, pictures and videos. And video private network construction, wherein the intersection LAN is mainly composed of a point-to-point bare fiber and a fiber transceiver; the central network composed of an access switch and core switch.

3. The back-end management subsystem
Responsible for the collection, processing, storage, application, management and sharing of relevant data, which included central management platform and storage system. The central management platform consists of servers equipped with platform software modules like: management server, application server, web server, image server, video recording server, and database server.
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