Solar system base station based on photovoltaic power generation technology. Such base station very reliable, safe and no noise no pollution. easy installation and maintenance, low operating cost, good compatibility, wide availability.  greatly solve power supply difficulties in remote areas. Warner telecom provide solar power station for Tibetan and Xinjiang domestically with fruitful results, as well as export to KSA and Africa, won good reputation and market.

1. Solar power supply working principle:
Solar power supply system included solar battery array, battery, solar controller, HF power supply, DC power distribution and other equipment.
(1)solar battery array
Under sun, photovoltaic battery absorbs light energy to generate "light voltage”, electromotive force on both ends of the solar battery, convert light energy into electrical energy.
(2)Battery system
The function of the battery pack is to store energy from the solar photovoltaic battery array, as well as supply power to the load at any time. The basic requirements for battery system are: low self-discharge rate; long service life; strong deep discharge capability; high charging efficiency; less maintenance or maintenance-free; wide operating temperature range; At present, warner telecom offer solar photovoltaic power generation systems are mainly with lead-acid batteries and nickel-cadmium batteries. For lead-acid batteries above 200Ah, fixed-type or industrial-sealed maintenance-free lead-acid batteries are generally used. the rated voltage of such battery is 2VDC. For lead-acid batteries below 200Ah, usually use small sealed maintenance-free lead-acid batteries. and the rated voltage of the battery is 12 VDC.

(3) The solar controller input with DC power generated from the solar photovoltaic battery array. After conversion, the solar controller output with stable 48 VDC power.

2. Telecom base station load:
The load of the base station mainly composed of communication device and auxiliary device, includes:  signal transmitting station, receiver, cooling system, backup power source, lighting system and so on.

3. Photoelectric complementary power system
When there is sufficient sunshine, the solar controller fully utilizes the solar photovoltaic to power the load as well as charging the battery. As insufficient sunshine, the battery will discharge to power the load. The communication power will be activated to power the load and the battery once the battery capacity drops to a certain level, the communication power will be shut down in case of battery fully charged or the sunshine conditions are restored to getting better. Thus, to making the maximum use of the solar energy system. The solar photovoltaic power system has overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent and lightning protection function to protect communication equipment and batteries from lightning strikes and maintain the safety use of all system.

Projects in New Delhi India (Warner Telecom complete in 20th July 10, 2017)

In New Delhi (INDIA) The annual solar radiation reached 3.89 hours and reached smallest values in February and March which is 3.08 and 3.15 hours respectively; with system backup time 3 days.
Solar battery array total power = load power × power consumption time (H) / sunshine peak time (H) / loss factor (0.75);

For example: micro station equipment loads power 100W, consumption time 24 hours, sunshine peak time 3.08 hours;
the solar battery array total power = 100W × 24 / 3.08 /0.75=1039W.

battery configuration BC = A × QL × NL × TO / CC: BC is the battery capacity, A is the safety factor, take 1.1 to 1.4, like 1.1; QL is the average daily power consumption of the load, which is the working current multiplied by the number of working hours per day; NL is the longest continuous rainy day; TO is the temperature correction coefficient, generally 1 taken above 0 °C; CC is the discharge depth of the battery, usually the lead-acid battery chooses 0.75.
BC=1.1 × (2.08 × 24) × 3 × 1/0.75=220Ah Two sets of 120AH batteries are required.

Configuration list:







Solar panel









photoelectric controller




Junction box




Battery (120AH)




Battery rack







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