Intelligent community service refers to the full consideration of the different needs of public areas, business districts and residential areas, with integration of various information technologies such as the IoT, the Internet, and mobile communications, to develop community affairs, smart home systems, smart building management, smart community services, community remote monitoring, security management, and smart business office etc. To provide a safe, comfortable, convenient modern and intelligent living environment for the community residents.

(1) Intelligent property management: mainly refers to the intelligent system integration of the community, such as: parking lot management, closed-circuit monitoring management, access control system, intelligent consumption, elevator management, security patrol, remote meter reading, automatic sprinkling and other related community properties. Then realize the integration of various independent application subsystems of the community for a centralized operation management.

(2) E-commerce services: Community e-commerce services refer to online shopping, transactions and electronic payments, as well as various business activities, trading activities, and financial activities etc.

(3) Intelligent Aged Services: There are two kinds of environments in which the elderly lives in the most common place. One is at home, and the other is living in a nursing home. The ultimate aim is to make the elderly safe. children work with confidence, and government manage easily. What we do is to make the daily life of the elderly remotely monitored through various sensors so as to serve them in time.

(4) Smart Housing: A smart home actually is a residential platform, which combines architecture, network communication, information appliances, and equipment automation. It integrates different system, structure, service and management into a high efficiency, comfort, safety, convenience and environmental protection living Environment.

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