W-TEL-OPS-Series Fiber PLC splitter
W-TEL-OPS-Series Fiber PLC splitter
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W-TEL-1xN PLC splitter device 1 x N PLC Splitter
The light source distribution is accomplished on the chip inside.
It can make more than 1*32 on one chip.

Telecommunication systems; Digital, hybrid and AM-Video system; CATV systems ; four different mould 1*4/8/16/32, according with Telcordia
GR-1209 &GR-1221, low insertion loss, high reliability, sophisticated design of high homogeneity.
Can meet the requirement of different transmit wavelength
Optical parameter to meet the need of different customers :P level and S level
Good light source distribution, can divide light signal to user equally.
Compact size, take 1*32 PLC splitter as an example 4mm*7mm*50mm, can be installed directly in different in optical fiber cross connect cabinet, no need of special design to leave large space.
One set can load more than 1*32 splitter
Low cost advantage

Technical Index:

Performance Index Fused fiber splitter PLC Splitter
Operating wavelength (nm) 1310(1550) ± 40nm 1260~1650nm
Distribution Rate Changeable uniform
Insertion Loss ( dB) Max. 1×4 7.2 1×8 10.5 1×4 7.2 1×8 10.5
1×16 14.0 1×32 17.5 1×16 13.5 1×32 16.5
Insertion Loss Uniformity (dB) 1×4 1.6 1×8 1.8 1×4 0.6 1×8 0.8
Max. 1×16 2.4 1×32 3.0 1×16 1.2 1×32 1.7
PDL(dB) 0.3 0.1

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