VHF communication

(VHF COMM) is an important system in mobile radio communications for civil aviation and maritime short-range communications. The communication like voice, image and data transmits to another party through optical or electrical signals.

The aircraft communication system is an integral part of the aircraft electronic system. It is mainly used for voice communication between pilots and ground navigation controllers during various stages of flight. It can also be used for in-flight calls and broadcasts. record cockpit voice and provide audiovisual entertainment to passengers.

Marine (VHF) radio communication refers to the use of VHF special frequency bands for radio communication between ships and onshore users between ships, within ships and land. It is widely used in ship avoidance, maritime management, port production scheduling, ship internal management, distress search and rescue, and safety information broadcasting. It is the main way to complete on-site communication of water transportation.

Our system:
In case of distress: listen to the ship's emergency call with dedicated channel and make a wireless call;
Information dissemination: broadcast of navigational warnings, navigational notices, weather warnings and forecasts as well as others relevant emergency information;
Wired / wireless communication: Two-way communication between the ship and landline telephone users by manual transfer.
DSC communication: It can complete the receiving and sending DSC distress alarm information.
Remote monitoring function: Real-time remote monitoring of the operation for each base station, including radio power, operating temperature, power supply working status and other data.
Remote data maintenance function: remotely maintain the working parameters of each device, including transceiver power, channel etc.
Recording function: System channel recorder, interface, can record each wireless channel.

High Altitude Platform Station (HAPS) Communication

HAPS provides the telecommunication service by placing the wireless base station on an aircraft that stays at a high altitude for a long time, which can realize high mobility and high data rate. The HAPS base station usually in the stratosphere 20 km to 50 km from the ground, and remains relatively stationary. Due to the high location, each base station has a very large coverage, so that only a small number of base stations can complete wide area coverage and with faster deployment.

The HAPS system that shanghai warner telecom works consists of space segment and ground segment. The space segment included an antenna that communicates with the user terminal which transmits and receives, and a separate antenna for the gateway station to transmit and receive which with regenerative capability.

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