W-TEL-FBT-Series Fiber Optic Splitter
W-TEL-FBT-Series Fiber Optic Splitter
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Good uniformity and low insertion loss
Low Polarization Dependent Loss
Excellent Environmental Stability
Excellent Mechanical performance
FTTH, PON, Fiber CATV, Fiber Communication system, Fiber Testing Equipment

1. Fiber transducer LAN Performance index

Product type General type Broad Band type Two-port type
Performance wavelength 1310 or 1550nm 1310 or 1550nm 1310 or 1550nm
bandwidth ±20nm ±40nm ±40nm
Accessory loss ≤0.10dB ≤0.15dB ≤0.15dB
uniformity ≤0.6dB ≤0.6dB ≤0.6dB
Polarization plainness ≤0.1dB ≤0.1dB ≤0.1dB
Direction 55dB 55dB 55dB

2. The accessory loss of 1*N Fiber switch

N Loss(dB) N Loss(dB) N Loss(dB) N Loss(dB) N Loss(dB)
3 <0.3(db) 4 <0.4(db) 5 <0.45(db) 6 <0.5(db) 7 <0.55(db)
8 <0.6(db) 9 <0.7(db) 10 <0.8(db) 11 <0.9(db) 12 <1.0(db)
16 <1.2(db)

3.Test data

High temperature 85±2 2000hours
wet 75±2 /90±5 RH 2000hours
Low temperature -40±5 ,2000hours
In water 43±2 /PH5.5±0.5 168hours
Temperature circulation -40±2 -75±2 500times
vibrancy 10Hz-2000Hz swing 1.52mm 3directions 4hours in each direction
strike 1.8m/high 3directions 8times in each direction

4.Technical Index:

Performance Index Fused fiber splitter PLC Splitter
Operating wavelength (nm) 1310(1550) ± 40nm 1260~1650nm
Distribution Rate Changeable uniform
Insertion Loss ( dB) Max. 1×4 7.2 1×8 10.5 1×4 7.2 1×8 10.5
1×16 14.0 1×32 17.5 1×16 13.5 1×32 16.5
Insertion Loss Uniformity (dB) 1×4 1.6 1×8 1.8 1×4 0.6 1×8 0.8
Max. 1×16 2.4 1×32 3.0 1×16 1.2 1×32 1.7
PDL(dB) 0.3 0.1

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