W-TEL-FFC-Series Fiber fast connector
W-TEL-FFC-Series Fiber fast connector
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Fast connectors are specially designed for FTTx application. They can reduce operation time and connect the fibers or terminated fast. W-TEL provides Mechanical splice, Field connector, Filed Fusion Connector.

Mechanical splicer

Mechanical splicing maintains physical contact between mating fibers. Fiber can be spliced simply in this way in a very short time, a typical installation of W-TEL. Mechanical Splice takes less than two minutes. It can be used for 900/900µm ,250/250 µm, 250/900 µm fibers.
W-TEL Mechanical splicer  requires a few accessories to assemble.

1. No epoxy, no power
2. Outstanding optical performance
3. Best solution for emergency repairs and FTTX
4. Fits in industry-standard splice trays



Connection Loss

≤0.2dB (typical)  0.5dB(Max)

Return Loss

More than 40dB


L 40mm W 4mm H 4mm

Applicable fiber

Dia. 0.25mm and 0.9mm single fiber (SM/MM)


Φ0.9 mm≥4N, Φ0.25 mm≥2N


≥10 times

Operation temperature


Storage temperature


Field connector

In FTTH, optical drop cable should wind its way through the wall piping, and every house owns different requirement of cable length, traditional factory patch cord become very difficult to meet the FTTH.
W-TEL filed connector can perfect fulfill the custom cable length, it can be installed in field, no epoxy, no power deed, it can be installed in 2 minutes.

Insertion loss

≤0.3dB (typical)                 0.5dB(Max)

Return loss




Mechanical performance









Operating temperature



Storage temperature


Operating humidity


Fusion Field Connector

With a factory pre-polished ferrule, Fusion field connectors innovative field-termination process eliminates polishing, adhesives, and crimping in the field.
Fusion field connector utilizes a fusion splicer to terminate the connector in the field, addressing return loss concerns present in analog optical networks. This advanced process ensure APC performance >60dB return loss.
Fusion field connectors only require splicer with the fiber holder for installation.

1. Field installable
2. No adhesives, crimping or polishing
3. True apc performance
4. Compatible with most fusion splicers

Connection Loss

≤0.25dB (typical)  0.4dB(Max)

Return Loss

≥50dB/UPC, ≥60dB/APC


Tight buffer fiber: 5N △IL<0.2db

Drop cable: 30N △IL<0.2db

Applicable fiber

Cable, Φ2.0 indoor cable, Φ3.0 indoor cable

Operation temperature


Storage temperature




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