W-TEL-OHX-Series Heat-exchanger system
W-TEL-OHX-Series Heat-exchanger system
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For telecom projects and network solution

W-TEL Heat ex-changer is a device that utilizes the natural cool resources to exchange heat between hot inside and cool outside of cabinet with limited power consumption. When there is large temperature difference, the device will effectively exchange heat between hot inside and cool outside through aisle from multi-layers and fins, which make the cabinet to be an enclosed system with temperature control, and equipment inside can work normally.

Product feature:
Enclosed air circuit cooling system design, effectively avoid contamination from outside.
Avoid dew formation from too cold
World-famous key components makes the system more stable.
W-TEL unique half embed installation type, especially suitable for outdoor cabinet use. More installation type such as side and totally embed for option, convenient for customer installation.
Compact structure, no filter design, and maintenance free.
Be able to monitor remotely with RS485 communication interface.
AC/DC power supply optional, DC fan is feature as VWF(frequency control of motor speed), lower energy consumption and noise.
Tested before leave factory, performance and quality is assured.

• Closed loop cooling: protects equipment against hostile ambient environment.
• Passive cooling: uses air-to-air heat exchange, minimizes energy consumption.
• Counter-flow core using patented plastic twin sheet technology and rifled tube channels
providing high energy-efficiency.
• Flame retardant: V-0 classified plastic
• Carbon black in plastic core for none static electricity: longer maintenance intervals.
• Light-weight plastic core to ease installation and decrease demands for cabinet wall or door
• Light-weight and solid construction: manufactured from thin sheet metal parts.
• Corrosion-proof construction: casing manufactured from thin sheet aluzinc metal– EN 10143
& EN 10327
• Easy installation: supplied with mounting fixtures and lifting handles.
• Long service life for moving parts – high performance radial fans.
• Energy-efficient fans: optimize power consumption.
• Cooling strategy based on internal temperature set points. The cooling capacity relates to fan
speed on internal and external circuit.
• Temperature sensor situated on control board - eases plug and play
• Hot spot temperature sensor for connection to the control board.

Model Capacity(W/K) Noise(DB)A H*W*D(MM) KG IP Input Power Temperature
W-60 60 60 640*190*420 15 55 220VAC/48VDC -40 to +55
W-80 80 60 700*190*420 16 55 220VAC/48VDC -40 to +55
W-100 100 61 1050*450*150 18 55 220VAC/48VDC -40 to +55
W-120 120 61 1050*450*150 25 55 220VAC/48VDC -40 to +55
W-150 150 63 1100*430*200 30 55 220VAC/48VDC -40 to +55
W-190 190 63 1100*430*200 40 55 220VAC/48VDC -40 to +55

(Parameter may changed without notification)

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